Have you ever planned a trip to Ireland and wanted to visit the exact location it was that Joyce met Nora Barnacle in Dublin? Have you been to France and hoped to find out what Hemingway’s favorite watering hole was in Paris? Perhaps you were jetting off to Spain and wanted to know where Orwell lodged in Barcelona a week before he went off to fight fascists in the Spanish Civil War? Well, my literary traveler, you’ve arrived at the right place.

I’m Connor Dalton, a Brooklyn-based writer with a passion for travelling the globe in search of all the places and things that inspired some of the artists and writers that have enriched my life immeasurably. Welcome to my literary travel blog!

As I’m sure most people do, before I set off on any trip, I study up on things I ought to experience when I’m travelling to a certain place – the touristy sights, delicious restaurants, fun bars, tours, et cetera. However, as a writer and voracious reader, I also take a special pleasure in searching for specific literary monuments, establishments, tours, and more before I take off on a trip. 

Instead of keeping these experiences for myself, it only seemed natural to create this travel blog with the aim of filling one’s travel blog needs while also providing a literary spin on each place and topic. Or, basically, articles that I’d want to read before travelling to any place.

So without further ado, pack your bags (ahem, subscribe to the blog) and join me on a literary voyage around the world!

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